Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

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We all have special goals and things we aspire to be. Often times, things do not occur exactly how we want them to. Those types of situations can leave us feeling defeated, especially when they go in direct opposition of what we desire. However, thinking pessimistically will only make that situation worse. It is essential to think of that hint of positivity in what you think may be completely negative. Doing this can make the seemingly atrocious events in life a lot more tolerable. You can drastically modify those unfavorable outcomes, even when it feels as if the world is crashing down on you, by taking a positive view of its effects and realizing that everything is meant to happen for a specific reason.

Life can be very cruel to us at
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She had been very frantic for his promised return, making Jacob’s news of Grandpa Abe’s death even more overwhelming for her. Although this seemed to be an entirely heartbreaking outcome, Emma tried her best to move on from her past and focus on what was right in front of her. This ended up being beneficial to her in the long run because she developed a close connection with Jacob. She was a lot happier after reevaluating her situation, which made room for more positive things in her life. While most of us have not experienced this feeling to that extent, I think we can collectively reflect on a time where we were forced to, no matter how difficult it seemed, to let go of memories and focus on what lies ahead. As this might seem like a terrifying option, it absolutely must be done. We all know that nothing will change if we sit around and mope about how terrible life is. Neglecting to dwell on the past and focusing on the more positive things to come will make life much more enjoyable.

Victor from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein could have benefitted from thinking in a more constructive manner. He created this dominant being that he believed would give him unimaginable, god-like authority and supremacy. This obviously worked in direct opposition of what he desired, but

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