Mthods of Inclusion for Students with Cerebral Palsy Essay

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This assignment will be discussing Educational activities within Key Stage One particularly focusing on a baking activity. Areas such as inclusion, participation, adaption, and legislation will be centred upon. Enabling Learning is important for inclusion within the classroom, for children with Cerebral Palsy, as well as others with learning difficulties, this can be particularly useful. The development of a format that is easily understood, easily accessible and inclusive is of utmost importance (Wisker, 1996). Cerebral Palsy is a variety of congenital motor disorders, occurring from brain damage caused shortly before, after, or during birth. This results in the child developing poor balance and coordination, and difficulty moving, it …show more content…
This would allow the care giver to have more one on one time with each pupil improving their experience. By using all available senses and experiences the teachers can ensure they provide access to learning for all pupils with specific needs (DfES, 2011), for a child with Cerebral Palsy this is important as their senses can be distorted and so by allowing for this the activity can be used as a way of improving their awareness and control of their body since the end result can be viewed as a reward, as well as a cross-curricular tool. The use of cross-curricular activities in primary schools has been described as 'progressive' and encourages a child centred approach to learning and strengthens a child’s understanding of how various elements work side by side effectively, helping concentration and memory skills, something that Cerebral Palsy can effect (Kelly, N/A).
Inclusion is about increasing participation and therefore reducing exclusion, developing the setting so that it values all students and staff as equals (Booth 2005). Many schools follow Every Child Matters as a guideline to reach their goals, introduced in 2003 by the Labour government, ECM is no longer an agenda followed by the coalition government, though it is still seen as important practice by many. The five main areas of focus in ECM is to 'be healthy' which means having good mental and physical health, 'stay safe' meaning being protected

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