Music Education Advances Culture Essay

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Music Education Advances Culture

With many music programs now beginning to be cut from public schools, music educators now find themselves having to defend the value of their art in an educational setting. Most educators view music education to be an important aspect of overall education, but they view it as luxury rather than a necessity. Often times, music and art education unfortunately lead the way when tough budget cuts have to be made. Some people even believe that the arts should not be included in curriculum because it is difficult to evaluate art formally. Others believe that a culture as advanced as ours should have the arts as the keystone of our educational system. I believe that music education plays an important and
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With all the benefits of music and the arts, they are still often overlooked because our society does not realize how essential music is to the advancement of our culture.

Music education is also important in expanding the use of an individual’s brain and thought processes. Music education can help create a strong educational environment because it often increases the students’ overall motivation and interest in their education. It can also help to improve cognitive functioning, thought processes, social skills, and attitude development amongst other areas of overall functioning. Different parts of the brain are utilized when analyzing art, improvising music, or any involvement in the fine arts. Many studies have also been done in the past that show there is a strong correlation between music and increased math and reading scores. So if people such as our president believe that education is solely based on test scores in math and reading, they should be strong advocates of versatile and well established music education system in the U.S. Some music and art educators have begun trying to apply discipline-based programs. I personally do not agree with these discipline-based programs, but if they would help bring music education to the forefront in our

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