My Experiences Taunting Others Essay examples

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Maybe it was his dirty clothes, greasy hair, Southern slang, short height, whatever the reason no one seemed to want to be his friend. His name was Jacob. It took a day or two till we started to jeer at him. The sharp, condescending way we said each insult, the menacing glares we gave, daring him to say a word, to protest against our petty insults. Despite all the taunting it never reached physical abuse, but always we made walls, walls that prevented him from becoming part of our group. If he approached we turned away, pretended to be grossly engaged at coloring the dinosaur, tossing the tennis ball, viewing the white fluffy clouds. If he spoke we would ignore him. I was terrified that if I looked at him, sat near him, breathed him, …show more content…
The final decision was inevitable. After all didn’t I talk with Jacob? They all started to move away from me, they didn’t look at me in the eye or answer my questions, all because I talked to someone that was forbidden. Jacob was an exile from the group, and when I talked to him, I was exiled myself. I was left with nothing.
At the age of seven I became obsessed over size, both height and weight wise. I was small back then, small even now compared to the young men of age sixteen and seventeen. The things I thought back then surprise me. I tried to excel in everything. I viewed the talented not with the respect they earned, but with envy, another lucky person who I wished I could be like. I tried soccer and track, and the latest Pokémon strategies and cards were mine so I could dominate the game. I tried to make up for my size by getting better in other things. I thought that the reason people didn’t seem to accept me as much as others was because of my small size. I often vented my incurable disease on those weaker than me. I was jealous and wanted to be big myself.
I knew there was still a way back. I had to prove myself worthy, prove to the rest of the team that I was not a friend of Jacob but an enemy. Trailing behind the group I waited for the opportunity to redeem myself, show to the rest of my campmates that deep inside of me I had a fire that would burn every house in my body in order to prove that I wasn’t Jacobs

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