Essay about My Journey Through the Study of Health Care Administration

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Scholar-Practitioners & Academic Integrity
A scholar-practitioner in health care administration is defined by the student’s ability to portray their interest and ideas in writing and reinforce them with proven statements. This is done by composing manuscripts that are comprised of detailed data that is clear, concise, and based on facts. The documents include a specific purpose and evidence to corroborate statements made to support that hypothesis. Once the information is gathered, a scholarly writer demonstrates a working knowledge of the assigned topic and the capacity to present that argument to a specific audience. Upon presentation, the reader is assured of the exclusion of assumptions and opinions because of the inclusion
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On the other hand, the appropriate documentation of resources in the proper format is an area of needed growth. Scholarly writing has taught me the importance of using reliable references and acknowledging those authors for their work. However, the use of books, internet, newspaper, and other citations all requires distinct formatting for recognition of the scriber. The continuous application of the rules pertaining to citations will aid in the progressive development of my writing abilities.
Challenges as a Student: In the master’s program, there are few challenges that I have faced this semester. One challenge that I endured is time management. Initially, I worked ten to twelve hours a day and my hectic schedule didn’t allow much flexibility in completing task outside of my current duties.
I found it stressful to keep up with the reading materials and the required discussions for my classroom participation. When I restructured my priorities, I focused my attention on scheduling allotted two hour daily time frames for homework. These changes have proven to be effective in the completion of daily activities and maintaining personal relationships. My technical skills have also become questionable as I seek my degree in this program. Normally, I work with computers day to day to accomplish the majority of my assigned tasks. I seldom experience

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