My Memories of the State Park Essay

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When I think about my favorite childhood places to visit, one spot stands out above the rest. My parents took my family to the State Park every year on Columbus Day weekend. Cramped in a station wagon between my three other brothers in the back seat, I remember the car ride to seemingly take triple the amount of time it really took. The time that it took to get to the state park was always increased when my parents would stop for lunch at the half way point, something they did each and every time.

I knew we were close when I saw a sign for the Mall. It was a very weathered sign on the side of an even more deteriorating barn that could not have been larger than a classroom. I always laughed to myself about this sign
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It simply stated that this land is known as State Park. Without any more words, it sparked an imagination of a land without regular rules, but with special rules. You new set of rules demanded you had a great week and that you would try new things. They insisted that, this time, you will get to the end of the glacier cave you could not before, just as you will make a bigger fire, climb faster and hike further. The boulder at the entrance proclaimed these rules and once passed by, they were followed happily.

A mile after the stone sign, there is an exit off the road that allows visitors to park and look over the mountain that you had just driven up. Stopping here was my cue to drive the family car to our destination in the park. Not more than eight years old, I was lucky I was tall enough to see over the dashboard and work the pedals on the floor. The road was easy to navigate as there was no traffic or intersections and for the most part I only had to press the brake because the decline was immense. I'm not sure how responsible parents could let their eight year old son have complete control over the family car and the lives of everybody in it, but rolling the window down and commanding the vehicle to do my bidding while in the place with few rules was a great feeling. Every once in awhile somebody would see an animal and would yell to stop the wagon, so I always paid close attention,

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