Navy Blue Then and Now: Meaning, Feeling and Emotions World Wide

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Navy blue remains the darkest shade of the primary color blue. It was conceived from the natural pigments and chemicals found on earth like gravel or zinc. #Often the color is so dark that it is mistaken for the color black. Essentially navy blue gives off many different emotions and meaning to each person. It all depends on how it show cast and how the viewer perceives the color. Considering its character, navy blue has had a lasting effect in history, culture, literature, arts from the Paleolithic cave men to the modern day blue collard individual. Navy blue was originally called marine blue. Law enforcers in ancient Rome were the very first to Inhabited the dark navy blue uniform with the contrast of white. Then the British royal …show more content…
#But studies show it mostly preferred by men. EMTs, nurses and doctors uniforms and kits are sometimes navy blue. Blue berries are navy blue and sweet. Most liquid medicines are dark blue. Navy blue and three arrowed triangle means recycle. #Sometimes used by priest during burials and in Iran, to mourn death. Blue also is a renowned tradition in weddings. "Something blue" in the wedding jingle comes from the early Israelites, which blue symbolized love, fidelity, and purity. The shade of blue all depends on the item and person. To the Navaho, the southern mountains are blue and are the reason for dawn. Navy blue is used in sports. Most small and national football, basketball, soccer teams have some sort of navy blue in their uniforms. From the saint Louis rams to the chargers. #In 1998, Diane Renay wrote a song called Navy Blue for the sailors in the navy. In factories, blue marked items means that the item needs to be repaired or a sign of caution. Blue also represents mail along with the color brown. Other items you’re sure to find navy blue is cellular devices, offices, households, schools, books, and many more. All in all every culture has their views of what way navy blue should be depicted. In literature, authors and readers would describe navy blue as being depressing, cold or gloomy or often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. They might imagine being in a dark empty warehouse and being scared then connect

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