Neck Guards In Hockey Essay

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Thesis: Although most hockey athletes believe that by wearing required equipment keeps them safe from injury, however I believe that these regulations should be stricter because of the severity of recent and past injuries.

Introduction: Are equipment regulations enough to keep our hockey athletes safe?

I. Injuries
a. Richard Zednik
b. Clint Malarchuk
c. Bill Masterton
II. History of Equipment
a. Pre 1950
b. 1960-1970
c. 1970-1980
d. 1980-1990
e. 1990-2000
III. Current Equipment regulations
a. Neck Guards
b. Helmets
c. Goalie masks
IV. Neck Guard Debate
a. Pros
b. Cons

Conclusions: Will it take a death to make NHL officials change there minds on the policies regarding neck guards like they did with helmets
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This is a normal occurrence in the NHL. However, tonight was a different night in the NHL. As Clarke

MacArthur’s right foot flew into the air his razor sharp skate caught the neck of teammate Richard Zednik. Richard Zednik fell to the ice clutching his neck. “It like someone stabbed me” said Richard Zednik in a press conference after being discharged from Buffalo General. Richard Zednik quickly hurried to the Panthers bench. Leaving a 100 foot crimson trail, and burning this memory into the memories of thousands of fans, to horrified hockey teams and a hockey player holding on to his life. “It had to be the corroid artery with the much blood in that short of time” Rick Jeanerette said while announcing the game. It took 20 minutes for officials to clean the blood off the ice. Spectators fell silent as Rick Jeanerette said “I haven’t seen that much blood since, well I don’t even want to talk about it”. The fans remembered 19 years and 1 block ago. It was March 22, 1998 in War Memorial Auditorium, the Buffalo Sabres facing the St Louis Blues. Fans watched in excitement as the Blues winger Steve Tuttle collided with Uwe Krupp sliding into goaltender Clint Malarchuk and slicing his jugular vein. Blood pooled on the ice as spectators fainted, a few men had heart attacks and teammates threw up. Clint Malarchuk was rushed to Buffalo General where he underwent 90 min of surgery and received over 300 stitches to repair his artery. Doctor concurred that had

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