No Butts About It Essay

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In the late 1960s and early 1970s, there was a move to make people aware of the health hazards associated with smoking cigarettes. Among these health hazards were heart disease, emphysema, and cancer. In order to make cigarettes healthier for smokers and to combat further government intervention into the industry, cigarette manufacturers inserted filters on one end of the cigarette. These filters kept some of the tars and nicotine from being inhaled by the consumer. The filters, then, made the cigarette marginally “safer”. (Clark)

In creating these filters, however, the cigarette industry created an entirely new problem for the world. Cigarettes cause many problems for health, but we already knew that. Not many people think
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There are many solutions to solving the environmental issues caused by improper disposal of cigarette butts. The most important solution is buyer education and responsibility. By making consumers responsible and more aware of what they are doing will work to change how cigarette butts are disposed. We can put this into effect by putting labels on cigarette cartons or creating commercials on how cigarette butts are harming the environment. Cigarette companies can distribute small, free, portable ashtrays with the purchase of a carton of cigarettes. If the consumer does not change the manner in which they are disposing of their cigarette butts, we can enforce a waste tax to be paid by those purchasing cigarettes so that taxes paid by non-smoking consumers are not used for the cleanup of cigarette butts. Fines may also be imposed on those caught violating litter laws by improper disposal of their cigarette butt. (Dear Earth Talk)

On top of focusing on the consumers, we should also focus on the industry. Just as the government has mandated the auto industry abide by regulations related to emissions output and miles per gallon for automobiles; they should also put regulations in effect for

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