Novel Versus the Movie Adaption of "Go Ask Alice" Essay

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Through out the history of film, many productions have been made based on best selling novels. An award winning novel by the name of “Go Ask Alice” did that; this book is about a teenage girls struggle with drugs. Creating film adaptations for movies has become very common because directors can be sure that their target audiences are intrigued by the topic of their future film. Readers often look forward to seeing their favourite novel be brought to life; however, when the adaptation is not done correctly it can bring a great deal of disappointment. The best selling, 1971 novel, “Go Ask Alice” far surpasses its film adaptation by Beatrice Sparks because of the removal of crucial scenes. This was because the introduction to her life was …show more content…
I’ve gained five pounds and I don’t care about that either. Mother is worried about me.(Anonymous: 16)
This entry from her diary explains how cold and alone she feels in her new school. She had very high hopes for it, and had the impression that everyone would be inviting and welcoming towards her; she was sadly mistaken. If the viewers of the film adaptation of this novel had understood how the other students made Alice feel, they would be able to contemplate why Alice was so eager to fit it with a group, no matter what it took. In addition, an opening into her life would have forced the audience gain more sympathy for her because they are able to relate to where she came from. Everyone has felt excluded and out of place at one point in their life. If the audience of the movie had been able to experience Alice’s pain, they might have felt a lot more compassion towards her and became attached. When these feelings have been established, Alice’s life falling apart will cause the audience to experience a lot more empathetic emotions. Had the introduction to her life was included, the movie would have been a lot more touching and influential.

Another important section of the story, was the time she spent in a mental institution. Alice was sent to a mental institution because she was found in the middle of a bad acid experience while babysitting an infant; she put the his life in danger. When the court gave her the option of either completing her sentence in

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