Essay on Obesity: Numerous Challenges that are Difficult to Handle

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Is there a problem with being obese? Are there issues that obese people have to deal with that people of normal weight do not have to deal with? To answer these questions, there is need to have a thorough understanding of obesity. This research paper defines obesity, explains how it arises, and shows that it is a risky health condition that comes with numerous challenges that are difficult to handle. The challenges include susceptibility to disease, social stigma, and the inability to perform certain roles in society. Obesity is the possession of body weight that is more than the norm. Body mass index or BMI is used to measure the state of one’s weight and obesity starts at a BMI of 30 for an adult
• An adult who has a BMI between 25
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The concern is justified because of the numerous challenges that come with too much body weight. The first challenge associated with obesity is susceptibility to diseases. People who are obese are easy targets for numerous diseases. Some of the diseases that have been found to attack obese individuals include heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary thrombosis, atherosclerosis, atherogenic dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, and obstructive sleep apnea (Raj 13). Obese people are at a higher risk of having some or all of these diseases. The situation is even more troublesome for children who are obese because they are not spared from diseases that are known to attack adults. For example, Manu Raj reveals that obese children were found to exhibit insulin resistance, an occurrence that is commonly observed in diabetic adults (Raj 14). The accumulation of fats in the blood vessels of obese individuals is largely responsible for the heart-related diseases that attack obese people; because the fat layers make it difficult for blood to flow smoothly, thus overworking cardiac muscles. Treating these diseases is a serious issue for the state and the individual since a lot of money is spent purchasing costly equipment and drugs (Dannenberg, Burton & Jackson 264). Instead of money being used to finance other areas such as education, it is channeled towards the care of obese individuals who are under attack from a litany of

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