Oh My God: History of Mythology and its Influences Today Essays

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Oh My God
Mythology is defined as the collection or study of myths. As stated by David Abraham, since the beginning of time mankind has always wanted to know the answer of how we got here or what’s the meaning of life. Early mankind began to create different stories or myths to how it all began and how to explain things in nature like thunder or fire. Many cultures and religions were created due to these questions that have been past down from generation to generation. Many wars were started because of the different religions and beliefs. Abraham states that myths were the start of literature, art, and religion and still deeply impacts our everyday lives. When most people think of mythology they think of Greek and Roman mythology
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This would later cause great tension as Rome again would be influenced by Christianity causing a lot of tension until the Bible was written relieving this tension and changing Rome’s main religion once more. This once greatly worshiped religion still has an effect on our everyday lives today. Do you ever wonder where we got the names for certain months or even some days of the week? Roman mythology is still even mentioned in some religions. The Roman Empire came to power after Romes senate elected Gaius Octavius Thurinus as their first emperor. He was Julius Caesar’s nephew and he was the heir to the throne. He later took the name Augustus Caesar. It’s debatable whether Julius Caesar was the first Roman emperor or not but the senate never gave him the title instead he was labeled a dictator. Around 117 CE the empire reached its height with other emperors from the Julio- Claudian Dynasty. It was around this time that the empire was spread throughout a wide part of Europe and different cultures were beginning to mix with theirs. With Greece being the biggest empire they concurred it had the most effect on the Roman’s culture. Romans began using the Greek’s stories of gods, demigods, and monsters. It wasn’t long and the Romans were even worshiping these gods and changing the stories and the gods and goddesses names to their own(Joshua Mark, 2011). They named their new gods and goddesses such names as Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune (Jo

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