Okalahoma critical analysis Essay

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Okalahoma critical analysis

The original production of Oklahoma opened at the St.
James Theatre, New York, on Wednesday March 31, 1943. The top ticket price was $4.80.

It ran on Broadway for over five years, besting the previous record holder Hellzapoppin by more than two years. For fifteen years, from
1946 until 1961, Oklahoma held the record as the longest running show in Broadway history.

When Okalahoma closed on Broadway May 29, 1948 after 2,212 performances, more than four and a half million people had seen it there. In our expressive arts lesson we watched a section of Okalahoma. As our topic is dreams and nightmares, we watched the section where
Laurey has her dream. In a swirl of dream images, Laurey sees
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A lot of string instruments are used in this section to create a calm atmosphere. When other characters enter (cowboys and farm workers). The melody changes, to beaty and relaxed. Then as Curley enters and they begin to dance the music become twinkley, and magical. Then as the scene skips to her wedding the music changes. They use bells to show the audience that she is getting married. The music is still very positive and cheerful, but as she opens her eyes she does not find curly but Judd. At this point the music is built up and suddenly changes into a haunting melody as her dream transforms to a nightmare. The melody is in minor key and uses lots of low string instruments e.g. cello. This is to show the audience the change between the nightmare and the dream.
Gradually the music changes into a honky tonk, like an out of tune piano. The music’s more lazy and sleazy as the dancing girls and cowboys enter. After the dance sequence, curly enters and a fight sequence begins, Laurey starts to panic and wants to escape, so at this point a lot of drums can be heard. This may be to represent her heartbeat, and to show the audience that she if frightened and panicky. The as he is killed, she screams. This is significant as this is the only sound made from a character in the whole dream. This could show the audience that she loves him so much, that her scream is

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