One Wiccans View of History: Relegion Essay

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What is Wicca? Is it an “Old Time” religion with a new spin or is it in fact a completely new religion.

While many people may say that Wicca is based on the ancient fertility cults of earlier antiquity. It is in

fact a new religion founded by one Gerald Gardener. How does this affect us as a group? Where can we

see the evidence of Wicca in antiquity?

The evidence of early forms of spirituality or mystical tradition can be traced back to the ancient

mystery cults of Isis and Bast in Rome. As well as the many groups of Grecian mystery cults that revolved

around there own Gods and Goddesses. While the Druids were a secretive group who passed down all

of their knowledge by word of mouth, there do exist some
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These interests would

lead him to apply for entrance into the Folklore Society in 1938. This is where he met Dr. Margret

Murray. In 1921 Dr. Murray wrote the controversial book The Witch Cult in Western Europe. This book

hypothesized that historical witchcraft was actually a survival of a pre-historic fertility religion. Dr.

Murray would go on to write the introduction to Gardner’s own book Witchcraft Today. It is

documented that Gardner was involved with the Masons as well according to lodge accounts he

obtained at least the second degree mason before he left shortly after 1910. In 1939 Gardner was

initiated into the witch cult by “Old Dorothy” Clutterbuck. While some historians dispute this even going

as far as to say she never existed. However; “Old Dorothy” was in fact a real person. A well to do

widower, active church goer and long standing Tory. Ronald Hutton would in later years go on to say she

was either a saint or led one of the most interesting double lives in all of history. Gardner would go on

in later years to form his own coven outside of the New Forrest Coven named aptly the Brickett Wood

Coven. Sometime around may of 1947 Gardner would meet with Aleister Crowley. This Meeting with the

self-styled “Great Beast” would go on to influence the formation of Gardner’s

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