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On the night of April 9, 1989, Kurt Muse, the man behind La Voz de la Libertad, would finally be arrested while trying to clear immigration at Panama City’s Omar Torrijos International Airport. It would take nearly two and a half days and the cancelation of all Panamanian visas to the United States by the State Department for the Panamanian Defense Force to finally present Kurt Muse to the world; as a spy for the United States government.1 Kurt founded La Voz de la Libertad, and used it to promote the over threw of Noriega. Once news of his arrest was discovered, the other key players in La Voz de la Libertad and their families knew what had to be done. A member transmitted “shopette” and soon twenty-six Panamanians were
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Once they intercepted these signals, they could overpower them using a relatively inexpensive transmitter to broadcast their message on the most popular radio stations in Panama.4 However the frequency used had been set aside for use by fishing vessels in Costa Rica, therefore the low-band linking equipment they needed was protected by international law. This turned out to be only a minor problem for the team; Kurt used his families printing business to create a fictitious fishing company through which he could order the special equipment.5
With the new equipment in hand, on October 11thwhen General Manuel Antonio Noriega addressed the country, Kurt Muse and his coconspirators would be poised to intervene with a broadcast of their own. With this La Voz de la Libertad (Voice of Liberty) was born, and would interrupt morning and evening broadcasts in hope to encourage the people of Panama to over throw Noriega.6 Though Kurt Muse was not a member of the Central Intelligence Agency, the agency would ultimately get involved. Rent for the apartments where radio equipment was stored and the radio equipment its self was expensive. So through a friend who worked at the CIA,

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