Overcoming Writer's Block and Procrastination Essay

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Throughout my entire writing career I have always had difficulty writing. For one I have never enjoyed it because I am usually not interested in the topic. I also seem to get writers block half way thru whenever I write a paper. My final big problem with writing is that I always procrastinate before I have a paper due. My main problems with writing are procrastinating and having writers block. Writers from professional to elementary students suffer from writers block. Writers block is when you cannot think of anything to write. Writers block is usually caused by stress. The brain then has a reaction which disables its ability to put what it is thinking on to paper. As Patricia Huston describes it, “The right, or creative, side of the …show more content…
Not writing your paper in order is also a great and simple way to help with writers block. When you get stuck on a certain part of your paper instead of just sitting there blankly for an hour before you figure out what you want to write you should just write a reminder to yourself to go back to it and move on to another part of your paper. Doing this will help you create a better pace and by the time you get back to the part you were stuck on it might be easier for you. A final simple way to help writers block is to reward yourself for accomplishing small tasks. This gives you an incentive to write faster. Ways to reward yourself could be to go out and to do something fun or to just imagine for a little how great it will be once you are done the paper. This gives you an extra incentive to focus more on the task at hand and to get it done. A huge problem I have which is a bigger problem for me than writers block is procrastinating my writing. Procrastinating is pushing something off until the last possible second even with knowing that there will most likely be negative consequences for doing this. I am not the only person that procrastinates though as it seems many students today do it. What Drexel student Anthony Schuhl says about procrastinating his writing is that, “It is among this generation that many suffer sans one or two anomalies.” (Schuhl) Procrastinating has a few positive characteristics

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