Panzer Leader by Heinz Guderian Essay

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Heinz Guderian (1888-1954) was born in Kulm, West Prussia (now Chełmno, Poland). His family, like many Prussian’s, were historically landed gentry and lawyers with his father being the only soldier with whom he was closely related. Guderian, being the son of a soldier, moved around fairly extensively during his youth until he himself joined the military in 1907. During the First World War Guderian served as a signals officer, giving him insight into how technology could be used to facilitate military actions. Post-war Guderian found himself in the reduced 100,000-man German Army (Reichswehr) where he slowly began to develop his ideas of mobile warfare, gathering ideas from fellow military theorists J.F.C. Fuller, B.H. Liddell Hart, and …show more content…
It serves well as a record of Guderian’s service to his nation as well as a justification/defense for his actions during the most destructive and brutal conflict the world has ever seen and includes some very astute insights into the leading personalities of the Third Reich. That being said it is somewhat generic and lacking in its content concerning his personal life and “especially wanting in analysis of tank warfare ”; specifically the historical and technical development and usage of blitzkrieg. It is in these points that we will look for alternative resources that provide greater insights into Guderian; the man, the general, and the technician. However it is hard to be too critical of Guderian for Panzer Leaders lack of detail as it was written during Guderian’s incarceration by the Allies after the war and the time, resources, and peace of mind to write a comprehensive account of his experiences and know-how would have been an almost miraculous accomplishment. The lack of details into Guderian’s early life and personal relationships in Panzer Leader, while not critical in understanding his role in German history and the evolution of blitzkrieg, would be informative and important in further understanding his motivations and thought processes. In Panzer Leader Guderian spends a whole two pages dealing with his

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