Park Ranger Service Essay

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Park Ranger Service is run by the National Park Service, which is run under the U.S. Department of Natural Resources. There are over 160 natural and recreational areas across the country run by the National Park Service (Careers). Park Rangers supervise, manage and perform work in the conservation and use of resources in national parks and other federally-managed areas. Park Rangers carry out various tasks associated with forest or structural fire control; protection of property; gathering and dissemination of natural, historical, or scientific information; development of interpretive material for the natural, historical, or cultural features of an era; demonstration of folk art and crafts; enforcement of laws and regulations; …show more content…
Enforcement Rangers play a vital role in helping preserve America’s cherished natural, cultural, historic, and recreational resources. Law Enforcement Park Rangers work among the 391 national parks in the country, from the tropical waters of Hawaii and the Caribbean to the mountains of the Rockies to the wild places of Alaska (State). Park Ranger force of federal law enforcement officers helps protect America’s cherished parks as well as the visitors that come to experience them (National).
To become a Park Ranger, you have to start off as a Ranger Cadet. The orientation and training a Ranger receives on the job is sometimes supplemented with formal training courses (Careers). Training for duties which are unique to the Park Service is available at the Horace M. Albright Training Center at Grand Canyon National Park, AZ, and the Stephen T. Mather Training Center at Harpers Ferry, WV. In addition, the Park service makes use of the Training Center in Brunswick, GA. Performance is evaluated critically on a continuing basis and only those who prove completely satisfactory in every respect are retained in the park management career field (National).
Park Rangers have several pay grades; similar to the military.Depending upon qualifications Park Rangers begin their service at various grades. From the entry, Rangers may move through the ranks to become District Rangers, Park Managers, and Staff Specialists in interpretation, resource management, park planning, and

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