Essay on People Need Their Freedoms and Rights

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From 1945-1991, a Cold War raged between the Western world and the communists. The communist governments of the East reigned over their territories with an iron fist. Few of the citizens enjoyed life under their governments. In Germany, East Germans found various ways to flee to West Germany and escape their oppressive leaders. Through various revolts, the totalitarian USSR government eventually hemorrhaged and was forced to dissolve. Throughout history, human beings have rejected totalitarian rule. Even here in America, many youths protested their lack of voice in the country that they were such a large part of. People need their individual rights and freedoms. This vital lesson can be applied to Egypt, where protests are under way …show more content…
Repression in the USSR also lead to mass discomfort and revolution. Peter Sís, an artist who grew up “Behind the Iron Curtain” in Prague, recalls his childhood and adolescence in Czechoslovakia. He recalls being brainwashed to believe that the USSR was the greatest nation, that the Western World was corrupt. “[But in] January 1968, the new head of the Communist government, Alexander Dubcek [had] good intentions” (Sís). Dubcek lifted censorship, and the freedoms of the West leaked into Prague. “Everything seemed possible… It was the Prague Spring of 1968!” (Sís). As Western culture arrived, he became a part of it, joining a rock band and growing his hair long. Unfortunately, the Soviets took notice, and invaded . “The Czech progressive government [was] sent to Moscow for “reeducation” (Sís). The new government became as brutal as the original Bolsheviks in Russia, forcing educated people to perform menial, manual labor, and forcing all citizens to prove their loyalty. Sís, disgusted by the injustice around him, became a rebel. “These ideas [of rebellion] spread throughout Eastern Europe and lead to the fall of the [Iron Curtain] and the collapse of the communist system. One country after another [became] free” (Sís). Because of over-controlling governments, rebellions rose up and defeated the unjust, reclaiming their freedoms. Rebellion is to be expected with over-controlling governments, since, in the wise words of Robert McNamara,

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