Physical Brain Abnormality a Possible Cause of Schizophrenia

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Physical Brain Abnormality a Possible Cause of Schizophrenia

Neuropathologists have been researching schizophrenia for approximately a hundred years. But, even with a hundred years of research, the neuropathology of schizophrenia is still obscure. Although scientists have come a long way since the beginning of research, when they first believed that it was a "functional" psychosis, a disorder with no structural basis," the cause of the chronic disease remains a mystery" (1). However, with technological advances in science, researchers have found a common trend in diagnosed patients- physical abnormalities of their brains. These revelations cause scientists to wonder if brain abnormalities are a cause for schizophrenia and, if so, how
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Brain ratio, or VBR, indicates an increase of 20-75% of the lateral ventricle while MRI studies show a median 40% increase in ventricular size. The enlargement of the lateral ventricle is accompanied by an average 3% loss of brain tissue, in which reduction is relatively greater in the axial than the sagittal plane, suggesting a relative decrease in mediolateral breadth and a greater involvement of regions which are typically included in axial slices, such as temporal lobes (1) There are also a few MRI studies which suggest that the thalamus is smaller in patients with schizophrenia; although this evidence is weak, it is complemented by strong neuropathological data.

However, many scientists emphasize that some of the abnormalities researched are quite subtle, in that these abnormalities have been found not to be 1) characteristic of all schizophrenia patients or 2) to occur only in individuals with schizophrenia (5). Also, although the structural pathology has been observed in schizophrenia patients, the brain abnormalities developed do not correlate with the disease duration. Abnormalities found in patients with schizophrenia remain relatively the same throughout the progression of the disease. Researchers have found that VBR and ventricular increase and brain

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