Essay about Physical Geography of Spain

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Physical Geography of Spain

Land forms The entire area of Spain is 504,750 sq. km. Spain is about the size of
Arizona and Utah combined. Spain has high plateaus surrounded by low coastal plains. The most famous mountain range in Spain is located in the north. It is called the Pyrenees. Other mountain ranges are the Cantabrian, Sierra Moreno and the Sierra Nevada Mountain ranges.

Climate In the north, the climate is moderate with year-round rainfall. The south and the east have a mediterranean climate. The southern and eastern part of spain has long dry summers and mild winters.

Water systems There are nine major rivers in Spain. These rivers drain into the
Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean. The Mino, the Duero,
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Resources Spain has many natural resources. Some of the leading resources are coal, iron ore, mercury, gypsum, zinc, lead, copper, and hydroelectric power. Other resources in Spain are lignite, uranium, pyrites, fluorspar, tungsten, kaolin, cork, and potash.

Industry The industries of Spain are of a wide variety. These resources include textiles and clothing, footwear, metal manufacturing, chemicals, shipbuilding, auto manufacturing, and tourism.

Urban Geography

Ethnic make-up The ethnic groups in Spain are Basques, Catalan, and Galicians. The
Spanish have Mediterranean and Nordic ancestry.

Population Spain's population in July 2000 was 39,996,671. The population growth rate is .11%. The birth rate is 9.22 births/1000 population . The death rate is slightly lower, it is 9.03 deaths/1000 population. The men 's life expectancy is 75.32 years. The women's life expectancy is 84.49 years. ( has 3.6 million people. They have the largest population. Barcelona has 1.8 million people. About 79% of the country lives in urban areas. The remaining percentage (21%) live in rural areas.(Chicoine, pg 60)


People The people of Spain are called Spaniards. There are four official languages. Castilian Spanish is used for business and government. Catalan is spoken by 17% of the country, Galician, 7%, and Basque, 2%.Catalan is spoken in the northeast corner, Galician in

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