Essay on Play: Oedipus

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Oedipus was once an amazing king but he did not know himself. He did not know about his childhood, where he was from or even his parents. If he would have known about his horrific childhood or maybe even who his parents were, his life would have been dramatically different. He would have never known about the prophecy and no one would try to cover-up what he had done to save his dignity. Throughout this entire play Oedipus is striving to find himself, sort out the lies of the murder and learn his fate.
Oedipus’ parents try to kill him when he is three-days-old. Before Oedipus is born, his parents receive a prophecy from the gods. The prophecy states that Oedipus is going to kill his father and marry his mother. So they try to prevent its
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All Oedipus wants is answers and when he receives them he is too hard-headed to accept them. It is difficult for him to know that his parents tried to kill him for their own safety. Deep down everything is probably piecing together perfectly, but he will not accept it. When he flees town he gets to a three-way crossroad1 and runs into King Laius and some of his men. Oedipus ends up killing all but one out of rage. He kills his biological father, King Laius, at the crossroads but does not know that he is his real father. When Oedipus hears that he is the one that killed his father he does not accept it even though deep down he knows it is true. Harshbarger makes a valid statement, “Oedipus is driven by powerful unconscious needs which push him in directions he cannot admit to himself and which he must hide from others” (Harshbarger pg.9). By him killing his father he is fulfilling his prophecy with no knowledge of it. He continues on his journey to a town Thebes. While he lives in Thebes he meets a widow named Jocasta. Jocasta is his biological mother but he does not know this. Oedipus and Jocasta get married and have children. By Oedipus marrying Jocasta he fulfills the rest of his prophecy. At this point Oedipus’s life is in a down-spiral, he leaves the only life he has ever known to prevent the prophecy but by him running away he fulfills the entire thing unintentionally. It seems as if all the pieces are falling right in place for

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