Playing the Piano Essay

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Playing the Piano

"'natural phrasing' and `from the heart' are prized attributes of song, singing that way requires rehearsal, preparation, and getting in touch with whatever it is inside singers and getting in touch with whatever it is inside singers that, by a neural kink or the grace of God, enables them to turn themselves into vessels of musical sound."

On an Alumni Weekend at Milton Academy, I was practicing on a grand piano in the orchestra room. After about two hours of warm-up and practicing, the sun went down and the room became dark. Suddenly, an alumna walked in to confess that she was listening to me for the past thirty minutes. She said how much she liked Chopin's Nocturnes and my playing. She asked me whether I
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The fulfillment, pride, and power you possess while you play the piece "naturally" and "from the heart" are very satisfying and rewarding. If you keep on making mistakes or if you are not able to play as well as you hope, there is no joy in playing. However, I can play Chopin. There is more room for the musician to improvise and interpret his way in Chopin's Nocturnes. The delayed or sudden cadences, ambiguous harmonies, and clashing melodies are played differently by each pianist. Different pianists invoke a different voice, feeling, meaning, or whatever other musicians call it, into the piece of music they play. I have fun experimenting with Chopin's Nocturne Op.9 No.1 in B-flat Minor once I practice enough so that I can play with my imagination and the music. Legato — The bright moonlight smoothly descends to Earth like snowflakes quietly accumulating on the ground. The image magnifies in my mind and I now see the journey of a snowflake.

Accelerando and Ritenuto — A sudden gust of wind disturbs the peace. The snowflake gets thrown up into the air and dances as the cold wind directs. Then, the magical force suddenly vanishes, the snowflake summersaults to the ground gracefully and the short dramatic interlude disappears like the melting snowflakes on my warm hand.

Crescendo — the music of the night becomes even more real to me. I can listen to the stars shining, trees swaying in the wind, and

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