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Many people know Pocahontas from the Disney movies. They think of her as an Indian girl who wears a mini dress and fell in love with John Smith and thought John Smith had a dog named Percy. First of all Pocahontas didn’t even wear clothes as a kid and never was in love with John Smith. And Percy was actually a colonist who followed John Smith and wrote books about the experiences. and Disney just created this movie for entertainment. Therefore they left out lots of important details and historical events that actually happened.
Pocahontas was born the year of 1595 in Jamestown. She was named Matoaka, but goes by Pocahontas which means, playful one. Her father, Wahunsunacock also known as Powhatan sent Pocahontas and her
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This actually did happen. Kocoum did not rescue Pocahontas from the colonists and therefore Pocahontas could marry someone else. This was the way people would divorce. People aren’t really sure what really happened between the two but there are legends. It is also known that one of Pocahontas’s sisters was named Pocahontas and that she was actually the one who married Kocoum.
John Smith refused to trade the Powhatan guns therefore, the Indians captured him. Powhatan wanted to kill him with a stone war club. But Pocahontas saved his life by begging her father not to do so. Powhatan then adopted Smith as his son, Nantaquoud. To the English Pocahontas was the key to their survival therefore they called her the “Indian Princess”
In the Disney movies it is known that Pocahontas and John smith fall in love. However this is not true. They never fell in love they were always just friends. It is also known that he is a handsome tall clean man. However he was short, had a full beard, and war puffy pants. But the armor they showed him wearing in the movie was correct.
She also saved his life another time. Smith and the colonists were at Werowocomoco. Powhatan was planning to send men with food he thought that they would set their weapons down to eat and then the men could attack. Pocahontas got this information and told the colonists immediately. She wanted them to run away. But instead when the men arrived the colonists did not set down their weapons to eat.

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