Political Spectrum Project Essay

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Political Spectrum Project

I have gathered four articles from the New York Times newspaper, which is a Liberal newspaper, and broken them down into a summary and a short understanding of what makes the article Liberal. The four articles include a political cartoon, an editorial piece, a national article, and an additional article.

Gun Battle Halts Mideast Cease-fire
International / additional article.

During the daylight hours of October 2, the cease-fire between Israel and Palestinians came to a sudden and violent standstill. The Gaza Strip and several Arab towns inside of Israel was the scene for this horrible event. Gunfire sent hundreds of Palestinians civilians running off the streets and seeking shelter
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George W. Bush of Texas that it's practically lying on the ground. The expectations of the American people were very low from these candidates. If you paid attention to the content, and used it as a gauge to determine which candidate was better prepared. Who was more knowledgeable. Who had a greater command of the facts and grasp of the issues, then Vice President Gore won easily. The article goes on to say. This person obviously likes gore and the way he presented himself last Tuesday. He asserted, for example, that Governor Bush "would spend more money on tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent than all of the new spending that he proposes for education, health care, prescription drugs and national defense all combined." Tax cuts for the wealthy was a priority for Bush and would be for a conservative thinker. This writer asks why didn’t Bush explain this action was best for the American people, and is it? Gore thinks my liberal for he is the one who want to get health care for all elderly people. Is that not a liberal idea, getting something which all people can use and benefit from.

Political Cartoon
Faced with over dramatized facial features Al Gore or primarily his head is reenacting on what her will do when confronted by a remark by Bush. The comic mocks Gore and makes him look like he is above his opponent “ I have ways of handling any simpleton who wants to debate me.” Gore goes though every one of his facial features as if he is

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