Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a subject that is becoming discussed more and more through the years. As the subject becomes researched more, they are finding new things about PTSD. PTSD can range from normal people to soldiers who just came back from war. Effects of this disorder can range from depression to sudden acts of anger in a person. As the days and years go on medical professionals are learning about how PTSD affects you and what it does to your brain. PTSD is a anxiety disorder that is caused by traumatic life events a person. Many of the soldiers returning from war have been diagnosed with this disorder. It can not only be found in a person that has been to war but it can also be diagnosed to regular people who have …show more content…
The effects that PTSD has on the brain are very damaging. When a traumatic event happens the brain remembers it. If it is a life changing and very traumatic event it leaves a easy path in the brain. So every time a noise or event happens similar to that traumatic event the brain skips right back to the horrible situation. PTSD can be caused at a early age due to what they call stressors (Yen, 2002). Stressors are something at has caused stress at some time or another. When a stressor gets out of hand is when it causes traumatic damage and it leads to PTSD. Events that hold a lot of stress like war are very damaging because when a soldier gets home he flashes back very often to those stressful events. When stress occurs it changes the neurochemical systems in certain regions in the brain, which causes a long term change to the brain circuits(Yen,2002). The regions in the brain that play a role in PTSD are the hippocampus, amygdala, and the frontal cortex (Yen, 2002). These are the areas that can be affected when a person is suffering from PTSD. Patients who have suffered from PTSD are also known to have some slight memory lose and some verbal troubles. This is because the stress caused from traumatic events take over the memory and verbal parts of the brain. Also along with all of this the patients that have been medical examined have showed signs of increased fear

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