Power Outages Due to Typhoons in the Phillippines Essay

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The Philippines sit astride the typhoon belt which means that the country experiences a number of typhoons especially during the wet season. It is inevitable that some power lines get damaged during the onslaught of the storms which causes power outages and in turn affects all electrical connections of all establishments, being an enterprise dependent on electricity this poses a major problem for the firm. Another are scheduled electrical maintenance set by the local electric power distributor (Batangas Electric Cooperative II or BATELEC II). Like power outages, two of the main reasons of poor internet connection are strong winds and heavy rains which disrupt the signal transmitted by the internet provider. Other reasons may include …show more content…
Lastly, there are times especially during weekends and after school hours when the café is unable to accommodate the number of incoming customers.

In instances when there are occurrences of power outage the café remains closed and unable to operate and will only resume providing its services once the supply of electricity becomes stable, if the power outage lasts for a whole day the cafe receives no income and is in need to make up for its loss. Because of the fact that this kind of business enterprise relies heavily on electricity. An internet connection nowadays can be considered the life blood of a network café, almost all of the café’s customers rely on a steady internet connection, especially in gaming and web browsing which are the two most common activities done in a cybercafé. If the internet connection is poor then customers will have a negative perception and will not consider returning to the café to make use of its services which may induce less demand for the café’s offered services causing the café to have less customers and in turn less profit. Meanwhile, viruses damage other software which causes malfunctions. Because of this, users are unable to use certain games and

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