psychoanalysis of frankenstein Essay

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Psychoanalysis is the method of psychological therapy originated by Sigmund Freud in which free association, dream interpretation, and analysis of resistance and transference are used to explore repressed or unconscious impulses, anxieties, and internal conflicts (“Psychoanalysis”). This transfers to analyzing writing in order to obtain a meaning behind the text. There are two types of people who read stories and articles. The first type attempts to understand the plot or topic while the second type reads to understand the meaning behind the text. Baldick is the second type who analyzes everything. Since his article, “Allure, Authority and Psychoanalysis” discusses the meaning behind everything that happens in Mary Shelley’s
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This brings a new characteristic of selfishness into play. The whole city understands what is going on, and feels bad for the child that is in agony, but they do not want to lose their joys in life to help one little child. The people of Omelas cannot justify throwing away the happiness of thousands for the happiness of one. Furthermore, it is only a chance at the happiness for that one person. This child “is too degraded and imbecile to know any real joy. It has been afraid too long ever to be free of fear. Its habits are too uncouth for it to respond to humane treatment” (Le Guin 217). This is similar to a dog who endured horrible treatment from an owner. Once the dog experiences humane treatment from another owner, every slight move reminds it of a previous experience and fear remains constant.
It is also possible that the people of Omelas have to keep the child in a small dark place. People often repress or exclude painful or disturbing memories automatically or unconsciously from the conscious mind. If something bothers you, do something to keep your mind off the topic. Keeping this child in the broom closet could be a way to repress certain memories. I always hear about people saying that they want to get out of town to relax. This really means that they want to run away from their problems thinking that problems don’t exist elsewhere. Problems exist everywhere and you cannot escape them. The idea

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