Public Transportation Benefits Essays

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At one point in history the human population could rely on self-mobilization to sufficiently relocate from place to place. In other words, everybody used to travel around on foot because there was no other means of transportation. Mankind could only hold itself to this sole means of mobility for so long. Eventually the human mind got creative and many different ways of transportation developed. From horseback and drawn carriages to Henry Ford's marvel of creation the automobile; people began to move from place to place at a more rapid rate every day. From then onward, means of transportation has since branched off into many different variations. Advancements were originally made to increase efficiency. People were simply appeased with …show more content…
Logically a person will take up less space than a car. With less people owning, or at least using on a daily basis, a motor vehicle there will be less clutter in the streets. With taxis in the place of personal vehicles there would be a proportionally less number of cars on the road. People share the use of taxis because multiple individuals use the same cab over the course of a day. This would benefit Columbia from an economic standpoint by creating more jobs (taxi drivers) and it would put more money in the consumer's pocket by cutting down on, or possibly eliminating, putting gas in ones car. Subways also would prove to hold economic benefits for the consumer. Subways allow rapid transportation and eliminate the elements of traffic. There is no such thing as rush hour when you are on the subway because their alignment is not bound to the streets (Tass, 23). An opposing stance to these means of public transportation is that taxes would increase from the resulting services. It is true that subways and taxis cost money to produce. However, no matter what taxes in general will always be a factor, they cannot be eliminated. Contrary to that point is that these means of transportation will eliminate funds related to buying a car and putting gas in it. Furthermore without a car one eliminates car taxes and insurance. Another adverse point on this is the topic of cab and subway fare. This factor will certainly be

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