Regulating Advertisement Essay

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Phillip Nelson argues that regulating advertising is not efficient because it creates deception. Some object to this agreement by saying that government regulations should not be limited because advertising and exaggeration mislead customer and without regulations advertising would become useless. My aim in this paper is to defend Nelson’s view on limiting government regulation by showing this objection can be met. Nelson’s view on regulations of advertising is that the government would not do an efficient job of reducing deception to customers. Nelson explains that “deception requires not only misleading information but also someone to be mislead” (156). Deception can be found often in advertising yet it is mostly used to exaggerate …show more content…
The customer would have no intention to believe the advertisement was not deceptive because all other advertisements were being regulated by the government. Nelson’s position is that without the uses of regulation of advertising customers were more likely to believe all the advertisements were deceiving. Without regulations customers are given more of an incentive to find more information about the product before they purchase it. Nelson argues that regulation of advertisements would be especially costly for the government to implement effectively and would cause deception to the customer. Indirect information, which is “information contained in the fact that the brand advertises” dictates the advertising of experience or demonstration goods. (157). Nelson argues that without indirect information, mostly consisting of hyperboles, advertisements would be boring, not memorable, and ineffective. Nelson explains, “The more memorable the advertising, the more efficient it will be from both a private and social point of view, simply because memorability makes advertising perform its information function better” (157). Without the use of hyperbole and exaggeration advertising would become dull and pointless leaving products and brand names clustering together. Nelson’s proposal to improve advertising would comprise of three new concepts creating new laws. It would first include a new

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