Essay about Religion and Medicine

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Do doctors play God? There have been many controversial debates on whether or not it is religious or not to be saved from death. Every religion has it’s own opinion on how to accept modern medicine, but even further than that, every person must decided where religion and medicine intersect in their own faith. The fact is that medicine becoming more and more advanced every day, and we must find a happy medium between religious beliefs and medical reality.
Probably one of the most recent and highly publicized events was the Terri Schiavo dispute. Terri Schiavo went into a vegetative state in 1990, because of an ice tea diet related to her bulimia, which caused irreversible brain damage, and the may cause of Terri’s vegetative state; Terri
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Those who don’t support this integration argue that doctors should make medical recommendations based on solid information in order to best help their patient. Therefore insinuating that religion isn’t grounded enough information, and there would be conflicting views. Studies show that there are only a few occurrences of religious activity actually promoting healthier lives. Attendance at religious services is linked to lower death rates but prayer and reading the bible have no effect of life efficacy. This also brings up the question of which religious services are healthier on the human body, which could then be another factor when people are choosing a religious denomination. This shows that these studies must be taken with a grain of salt, because they do not specify any religion that was tested. As stated in the article “religion doesn’t need medicine to validate itself”, meaning religion is based on faith, and medicine should be kept out of it (Sloan). If religion and medicine were intertwined by doctors becoming spiritual advisors, then religion would be forced to become more factually, than based then spiritually thus eventually disposing of faith in the unknown all together.
For doctors who choose not to mix medicine and religion it becomes a very difficult task to recommend a patient who has religious obligations. This mostly concerns the idea of

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