Replenishing Global Fisheries Essay example

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As frightening as it is, in the near future, the world will observe exceeding desire for products produced through the aquaculture industry; however, this surge in predilection towards the industry will have no room (Mfadwo and Tsamenyi 121). Foremost, global climate change expects to contribute to disrupting migration patterns and possibly dilapidate local environments (Axelrod 64: Sumaila “Benefits” 1). Furthermore, when stocks receive extensive commercial fishing, the international community experiences a backlash. Evidence continually presents itself that the international community must acknowledge methods to restore fish stocks as species dwindle to fewer and fewer numbers (Boon 1; Sumaila “Benefits” 1). However, some will write it …show more content…
Currently, government subsidies provide money for the maximum production of fish harvest. The problem lies, nonetheless, with the fact that this encourages abuse of over-harvesting fish populations, and no current international policies or law has been shaped. People recognize the problem, but no one has the audacity to proceed to invest money now for the future (Sumaila “How” 251). Thus, when these subsidies continually provide to anglers maximize their harvest, the global community detects a dramatic decrease in fish populations. Referring back to the example where fish not being harvested cannot breed quickly enough to keep numbers up, Bluefin Tuna in the Atlantic Ocean from 1970 to 1992 bred at rates 80 percent less than before 1970 (Boon 1). Ideally, one could examine fishery subsidies by governments to gain perspective on which countries actively assist in depleting these fish stocks. Different organizations, unfortunately, quite often find it difficult to retrieve access to accurate numbers, which has led to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimating total global fishery subsidies in the 1990s to have been anywhere between $15 to $50 billion (Sumaila “How” 251). In summation, with these subsides vigorously harming fish stocks, it is obvious fish populations are being seriously damaged. Nevertheless, damage is being done to humans as well; one of the largest population centers in the world, China, and its surrounding nations

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