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Assignment 5-Introduce a new policy
I shall be reflecting on how I introduced a new policy to my setting, the policy I have chosen to discuss is the mobile phone policy. The rationale behind my decision to implement this policy and procedure was in light of recent media attention on how child abuse had taken place in nursery settings using mobile phones or cameras. Whitehead, Savill & Bunyan (2009) report in the Telegraph how a mother called for a ban on mobiles around children in nurseries, the mother launched the campaign after it had emerged that Vanessa George a nursery nurse at Little Ted’s nursery had used her camera phone to record her sickening images. It also goes onto say how The National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) has
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One staff member asked when it would be appropriate for them to use their phones. I explained that if they were worried about missing important telephone, e.g their children’s school ringing to inform them of that there child is ill then they should give out the pre-school direct number for emergencies only. I highlighted the need for their bags and phones to be locked away in the staff toilet cupboard. Rodd (1998:128) states how overemphasis on the traditional ways of doing things can result in the failure to perceive the need for change, lack of action can come too late. Sometimes, organisations continue with the same policies and procedures as this is what they were used to in the past, which is why we need to be innovated to respond to the environmental demands. A staff member asked what would happen if they were found using their phone whilst on duty, I explained how this would be a disciplinary offence and they could lose their job, as we should be safeguarding the children in our care. MacLeod-Brunell (2004:498) explains how child protection is part of the practitioner’s role in supporting the rights of the child and this concept should be built into the practitioner’s day to day work to try and improve standards in this area. The staff were asked to give input to whether they would change the

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