Role of a Teacher Essay

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The overall role of a teacher is to impart knowledge to learners in order for them to achieve. However, specific roles and responsibilities are many and varied. A teacher is responsible for ensuring they have an extensive knowledge of the subject which they teach in order to ensure learners receive correct information. An adequately prepared teacher is able to share additional knowledge with their learners and give relevant and up to date examples.
A teacher should remember that they are a role model to their learners and should set a good example by behaving in a professional manner. The Institute for Learning developed a Code of Professional Practice in April 2008 which outlines the behaviours expected of its members including acting
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Information from initial assessment should be documented and used to measure learner’s progress.
The classroom should be a comfortable learning environment, set out appropriately for the lesson being delivered. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 inevitably impacts on how a teacher plans activities for their learners. Any Health and Safety issues must be identified before commencing a lesson and risk assessments must be in place when required. It must never be taken for granted that the learners have an understanding of Health and Safety issues. A register must be completed at the beginning of every lesson and learners should be reminded of the fire and accident procedures.
Teachers must undergo a criminal records check before commencing their post within an educational establishment. Safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults is an important responsibility of a teacher. If a learner makes a disclosure, it is important that this is recorded accurately and reported to an appropriate professional. From this point it is important that the teacher does not abandon the learner while the correct authority is reviewing the disclosure. However, it is equally important to not become involved.
A teacher should be aware of different views and opinions and not discriminate against learners on the grounds of race, gender, disability,

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