Role of the Disabled in Today's Society Essay

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As stated by C.Dave Hingsberg “For hundreds of years, western society regarded the mentally retarded as sad accidents of nature to be closeted behind walls of secrecy and silence. Thousands were forcibility sterilized in an attempt to erase the genetic stain of their misfortune. But scientists now know that barely 10%of mental retardation is passed on genetically” (Hingsberg, Dave C.2001). This section came directly from the video “Is Love Enough”. Throughout history, there was the belief that the disabled would produce offspring that would be burdensome to society. Policies were put into place that forced sterilization of 60,000 American citizens, some as young as ten years old (Reilly 1991).
In the first half of the 20th century,
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The Guidelines for Assessment of and Intervention with Persons with Disabilities, have some important key points. Psychologists are in the positioned to help individuals with disabilities become a productive addition to society. They can help them navigate the system and show them how it could a benefit them. Psychologists are there to ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation. It is their job to discover personal strengths and limitations. Psychologists keep undated with new knowledge that comes out and their skills, in treating people with disabilities. (ADA, 2005)
In the APA everyone protect by the ethical principles and code of conduct. It ensures privacy and confidently. It offers assessments and therapy. (American Psychological Association, 2010) Research indicates that mentally retarded individuals with a wide range of intellectual abilities function effectively in the community. (Hayman, 1990, p. 11)
People that do not have a disability can be bad parents. Babies do not come with a step-by-step manual. First time mothers go through many mistakes until things work out. Both disabled and the not disabled need the love and support of friends and family. Is it any different when a 14 year has a baby?

I realize each situation is different. I believe with the correct training a highly functioning disabled person can raise a child. It will take more help and intervention, but it is possible. Most of the skills a disabled

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