Essay about Russia vs. Japan

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Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, there was an abundance of essential reformations taking place all over the world. Two of the most significant reformations took place in the countries of Japan and Russia. Peter the Great was the leader of the Russian Reformation while the Meiji Emperor was the initiator of the Meiji Restoration in Japan. Both of these reformations had a number of similarities as well as several distinct differences. The most significant similarities between Japan and the Russia were that they both concentrated on improving their education systems as well as developing their economies by increasing their manufacturing industries( ). On the other hand, the most notable differences between the Russian and Japan …show more content…
Stearns, et al (New York: Pearson/Longman, 2009), 197.

that a country can’t have a system of education that is too complicated for the people to understand, otherwise it would be completely ineffective. Knowing this, Japan created a form of government that was practical, successful, and easy to understand by the common people.
As you would expect, Russia and Japan had to endure severe hardships during their time of transition into a new form of government. To combat the rough times their government’s and economies were facing, both Japan and Russia decided to focus their efforts on (Not only did Japan and Russia both strive to better educate their people, but they also focused a good portion of their efforts on) expanding their manufacturing industries and economies(). In Japan the coal mining industry played a large role in the growth of the Japanese economy.(200) Not to mention, the silk industry also had an impact on the Meiji Empire, and greatly affected the lives of Japanese women and children.(199) This was because often times the Japanese minorities were forced to work in unfavorable and torchorous conditions.(199) Not only did the Japanese focus on strengthening their coal and silk industries, but they also invested a

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