Essay about Savannah's Mission

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Savannah had been working on that bookshelf for months now, lovingly carving it, sanding it to perfection with dried cat tails, and she’d had blood moss sitting in shadow oil for a week to make sure it’d be the perfect deep-red varnish. She’d even gone so far as to grind black pearls into a powder much finer than sand to add to the mix to make it shimmer in sunlight. She flinched as the carrier piggle shot through the open window of her crafting room, narrowly avoiding the giant bookcase she’d been working on and slamming into the wall on the far side of the room. She collected it as it wobbled back into the air, it’s little pink wings beating furiously to keep the comically round body aloft.
“Hello there.” She was trying her hardest not
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She whistled and a lion bounded playfully up to her, stopping and wiggling it’s hind quarters for a mock pounce, stopping when she held up her hands.
“Official business Zora.” She dug her fingers into his thick mane, making him purr loudly as she scratched behind his amazingly powerful jaw. “Ready for another adventure?” He squatted so she could climb onto his back, steering him forwards with her hands on his mane, and they took off into another adventure.

The dry heat of Krockotopia was a nice change from the oppressive humidity of Mooshu but she still took a deep breath of the cold, dry air of the safe house, stopping as she realized there were a whole bunch of people there, and almost all of them were looking at her. She recognized a few faces, Professor Greyrose sat in an over stuffed chair with a teacup looking a little shaken and Professor Cyrius Drake was standing there looking as impatient and agitated as ever.
“There you are!” She recognized the first person to speak as the doctor from the Pet Pavilion in Wizard City, his employer Milo Barker opened his arms wide.
“Thank goodness! Come in! Come in!” Professor Greyrose fluttered into the air to see who’d arrived, waving one of her tiny hands with a hopeful smile on her face.
“It’s about time you got here.” Professor Drake moved forwards, practically pushing her into the crowded room. There was a ghost ally

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