Science Cannot Explain Everything Essay

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Science Cannot Explain Everything

In the beginning there was darkness. Then there was light. Then there was consciousness. Then there were questions and then there was religion.
Religions sprouted up all over the world as a response to some of humanity's most troubling questions and fears. Why are we here? Where do we come from?
Why does the world and nature act as it does? What happens when you die?

     Religions tended to answer all these questions with stories of gods and goddesses and other supernatural forces that were beyond the understanding of humans. Magic, in it's essence, were the powers wielded by these superior beings that caused the unexplainable to happen.

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In almost every ancient culture the universe was thought of as darkness, nothing and chaos until order is induced by the divine creative hand. The type of order envisioned varied from culture to culture. In the Biblical perspective, it was envisioned that light should be separated from dark, day from night; and that the various forms of plant and animal life be properly categorized. Although the figure differ from myth to myth, all the ancient stories intend to give a poetic accounting for cosmic origins. When viewed in terms of creational motifs, the stories tend to be similar.

     Some myths of creation include myths of emergence, as from a childbearing woman, or creation by the marriage of two beings representing the heavens and earth. A common feature of some Hindu, African and Chinese myths is that of a cosmic egg from which the first humans are "hatched" from. In other cultures, it must be brought up from primordial waters by a diver, or is formed from the dismembered body of a preexisting being. Whether the deity uses preexisting materials, whether he leaves his creation once it is finished, how perfect the creation is, and how the creator and the created interact vary among the myths. The creation story also attempts to explain the origins of evil and the nature of god and humanity.

     An example of two

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