Scientology and The Teachings of L. Ron Hubbard Essay

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Religion is constantly under changes, whether it be for on going social reasons that come with changing times, or changes within the group to adapt with modern ideas. Religion becomes even more versatile when it is based off completely new ideas that are taken from modern culture. Examples of these new modern religions is the mystical religion of Wicca, Christian Scientist, and the more secretive modern religion of Scientology. Scientology is not based on conventional church ideals that are more familiar in older more widely known religions such as Christianity or Catholicism. Scientology is the modern religion based on the science fiction novelist L. Ron Hubbard. The goals of the Scientology is not to worship a specified deity …show more content…
Hubbard from the time he was nineteen traveled the world attempting to discover the workings of the human mind. A common misconception about the Church of Scientology is the fact that the religion is not a product of the Hubbard himself but actually by Scientologists who read Hubbard's six books on the human mind or what Scientologist call “Dianetics”.( The first Church of Scientology was founded in Los Angeles in 1954. Hubbard was completely absent from the religion until the 1960's when he began to write books and actually filmed instructive videos on how to reach higher spiritual awareness to teach new devotees. The belief system of Scientologist is not focused on any particular god, goddess, or collection of gods, but focuses on the self. Beliefs are centered around the bettering of the “thetan” (which is based off the Greek letter theta) and resembles the more traditional religious concept of a soul. Scientology predominantly focus is on the self so what is considered more crucial traditionally in religions is altered in Scientology. The focus of Scientology is on spiritual awareness and the thetan. Scientologists believe in a Supreme Being which resembles a god like presence in religion but do not go into much detail about his life, or any sort of miracles the were performed by God or a Prophet like in many traditional religions. The Supreme Being or God is known as the Eighth Dynamic which is the equivalent of infinity. Scientologist who

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