Seeing Egyptian Culture Through the Book of the Dead and The Creation Myth

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Seeing Egyptian Culture Through the Book of the Dead and The Creation Myth

Two works of literature representing the Egyptian Culture are the book of the dead and the creation myth. The book of the dead focuses upon magic spells which ensure the safe journey of the deceased to the other world and his acceptance and beatification there by Osiris its lord and ruler (Hodges 127). The Egyptian creation myth is concerned with the creation of Egyptian gods, how these gods intend create the universe and all living things. These two works show how the afterlife and gods play a major role in the Egyptian culture. In the Egyptian culture, for the deceased to travel to the underworld he would have to confront irrational forces. To
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This book can be compared to a traveler's guide to a foreign land. The Book provides for many eventualities yet not all of these would arise, nor was it expected that the various dangers would occur according to the sequence in which they appear on any given scroll (Goelet). An explanation of some of the spells that were used on this tormenting journey was obtained from an article written by Caroline Peck. Peck talks and have explained some selected spells from the book of the dead. She elucidate that Spell 1b, for example, gives the body power to enter the Hereafter immediately after burial. If spell 1b was used the disease would not have to encounter any obstacles nor undergo trials. For this to happen he or she must know which spell to use when. Spells 2-4 gave the decease the power to revisit the earth, visit the gods, and travel in the sky (Peck). This spell could be used by the disease to show their loyalty to the gods. Spell 6 binds the funerary statuette on which it was painted or carved to "volunteer" to perform any labors required of its master or mistress in the Hereafter. Spells 21-23 secured the help of several gods in "opening the mouth" of the deceased (Peck). This spell enabled the dead to perform primary life function such as breathing and eating. Such functions would restore life to the spirit and enable him to enjoy the afterlife to the full. “Spell 25 restored the deceased’s

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