Essay on Seperate And Unequal, Frederic

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Separate and unequal: Blacks and White women.
Many may say that blacks and white women had more in common than people thought they did in the pre civil war era. A point worth arguing is that there are a few similarities and too many differences to list. No matter how you twist reality to make it seem the worst for women, they were at least treated as humans and not like barn animals. Before 1861, many white males valued their farm animals higher than their slaves. Although white women were not treated with the equality to white men that we see in the world today, they should not even be classified with blacks of the pre civil war era.
Blacks and white women were treated in a common manor, because neither group was really free. Both had
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This would allow us to say that both are treated unequally compared to white males but hardly makes a case saying that white women had things in common with slaves.
The physical treatment between slaves and white women should be more than enough evidence to discredit the theory that they had things in common. When Douglass recalls the sleeping arrangements on the plantation. He says,

“The sleeping apartments-if they could be called such-have little regard to comfort or decency. Old and young, male and female, married and single, drop down upon the common clay floor, each covering up with his or her blanket, -the only protection they have from cold or exposure” (MBMF, 102).

Now I would find it hard to believe that a white woman would be forced to even see living conditions like this let alone be forced to live in them. Nor would a white woman be forced to eat the same food as a slave, if it may be called food. Such as ash cake and a small piece of pork (ash cake is what the slaves used to call dough that they covered in hot ashes to cook it, MBMF, 102).
It was bad enough that these two groups were treated as underclass to white males, but if they tried to interact they were shot down. For example such as an educated white women trying to teach a black person how to read or trying to teach them anything that a white man didn’t want them to know than that women

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