Seven Habits to Make you Successful Essay

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Are you feeling as if your life is out of control? Or do you want to get your parents off your back so you might be able to live your life as you want?
Each person may face many problems that make him to turn his real life off without trying to solve the problems. So, I would like to share with you 7 habits that can make you to be happy and successful in your life. Furthermore, these habits are things we do daily and some of them we don’t aware if we are having them or not. Generally, these 7 habits can help to get control of your life, improve your relationship with friends, achieve your goals and increase your self-confidence. By now, I’m sure that you are feeling wonder what these habits are, so here they are
Habit 1: Be proactive
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The second one is can-do and no-can-do people. Can-Do people think about solutions and options, when they face problems, while no-can-do people think about problems and barriers.
And now, I would like to turn to next habit which is beginning with the end in mind. It means that you have to develop a clear picture of where you want to go with your life and draw a map to get there. On other words, decide what your values are, and set your goals because if you fail to reach your goal, you will waste your time. Therefore, to go for your goal you should do two things. First, Count the cost which means how many times you set a goal and later on you don’t achieve it. Let’s begin to count the cost, imagine that you want to get good grades in your courses. First you have to spend more time in studying, stay up late at nights, and spend less time hanging out with your friends, after counting the cost you will get good grades that make you feel happy. Next thing is that put it in pen that means write your goals so you will have the power to achieve your goals whenever you read your goals. For instance, write a list of qualities that you want to give you hope when you read the list to achieve your goal.
By now let us to turn to next habit this is about put first things first. The idea of put first things first is to be effective in time management, so your first things come first not last and you can overcome your fear and feel strong during hard times. As

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