Essay on Sex in Prince's Little Red Corvette

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1980’s pop star Prince Rogers Nelson, better known by his pseudonym, ‘Prince’ is a recording artist whose image and songs are perceived as provocative and explicit. Prince’s songs, such as ‘Kiss’, ‘Soft and Wet’ and ‘Head’ were viewed with controversy, as the topic of sex in the 80s was not as openly accepted and direct as it is in present day media. Released in 1983, ‘Little Red Corvette’ was Prince’s first song to make Top 10 charts in the US. It can be argued that the song’s denotation describes an overly sexualized woman whom Prince feels is ruining her life with her promiscuity. The topic of sex is softened and disguises the explicit nature of the song, making it subjective to the individual listener so people are able to interpret …show more content…
The mother, raised more conservatively during the 1930s – 1950s would have more uptight views on sex, reflecting her parents’ generation’s ideas; sex should only occur between man and woman after marriage. However, living in a time where sexual expression was growing, it is possible that she more readily accepts sex than the generation before her. Thus, due to the wary tone and metaphors veiling sex, she can relate to the content of the song without being too offended or uncomfortable. Her daughter, born around 1965 – 1970 would be growing up in the midst of growing sexual acceptance. Although quite undeveloped at 10-15, her views on sex will be more open but heedful due to fear of AIDS and other sexual consequences, which she will learn about through school, her peers and the media. Upon hearing this song at this age, however, she will probably not realize the sexual connotation.

Prince uses an allusion to Greek mythology that continues as a recurring metaphor that masks sex related concepts throughout the song. Although the daughter may have learned about the topic at school, it is unlikely that she will immediately associate that knowledge with sex. Prince uses the myth of the Trojan horse, alluded through the lyric, “she had a pocket full of horses, Trojan and some of them used” to refer to a

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