Sexual Irreverence in Modern America Essays

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It may not be a 1960s sexual revolution but Americans' attitudes toward sex have certainly taken a dramatic turn toward sexual irreverence. American culture has lost all sense of discretion. We have no boundaries or sense of anything being a private matter. After we cruised through the conservative 50’s; we chanted and swayed through the sexual revolution of the 60’s. But we didn’t stop there. Now we’re riding the fiber optic wave of immediate and impersonal self-gratification. American culture is getting more accepting of provocative messages and behavior with each passing decade. What caused the drastic shift in attitudes from the 1950s to the 1960s? Do we owe today’s epidemic of casual sex to any one thing?
The 1950’s was a
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While each new decade brings something new, the 1960s was the last true sexual revolution. Now we sit in 2010 and we are experiencing a sexual irreverence and the culprit many believe is the internet. Available to the mass population in the early 90s, today the internet has an estimated two billion users. Like the 60s there is a second component, social networking sites. These social networking sites have drawn a huge audience since being introduced in the mid 2000s and they are growing every day.
A social networking site promotes connection between people with similar interests. These services provide an arena for users to interact over the internet, through email and instant messaging. A user creates their own account and uses this account name to interact with others. With the veil of anonymity people quickly lose their social barriers. In addition, things that would be considered private or inappropriate are no longer off-limits.
You have to show identification to prove you’re eighteen to buy a Playboy magazine in a store but you can see every type of pornography on the web for free. Furthermore, you can go to jail for soliciting sex on the street but solicitation happens thousands of times every day on the web. Any type of depravity you can think of, and a lot you can’t imagine, is at your fingertips. Worse, it is at our younger generations fingertips.
With unlimited access to ever type of sexual experience and an anonymous user name we have a

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