Essay on Shakespeare's Othello

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In everyones life there is always the one person who you think you can trust, and later come to find that they have been playing you all along. This is the exact case for Othello. Iago, whom Othello thought was a person he could trust, betrayed him in many horrific ways.As you read the famous Shakespearian play, Othello, the Moor of VeniceI, you come to realise pretty quickly that Iago is the evil charecter in this play. The readers do not actually get to see a good side of Iago, if there is any, because he is constantly using and playing people. Readers will also come to learn that no matter how evil Iago may be perceived as that he is very much a coward, using other people to do most of his dirty work for him.

The story of Othello
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Throughout all of this Iago has been trying very hard to hide his immense hatred towards Othello. Iago then rushes to find Othello before Brabantio finds him. During this time Othello gets notice of great importance from the Duke telling him that he is needed for battle, but before Othello leaves Brabantio and Iago accuse him of kidnapping Brabantio daughter and of using witchcraft to seduce her. Othello tells Brabantio that he is on the way to speak to the Duke about important matters of war. Brabantio decides to sentence him in front of the senate. Sadly for Brabantio, his plan had backfired, as the senate takes Othello’s side. As it is his turn to speak, he tells a tale of how he wooed Desdemona in to falling in love with him with his wonderful tales of the travels that he has done due to the many wars that he has fought in. While Othello is explaining this Desdemona enters the room and confirms that what Othello said is indeed true, and that her allegiance lies with her new husband now, not her father. Brabantio is infuriated by this chain of events, but he allows the meeting to continue. The Duke decided that Othello is to go and fight against the Turks who are trying to invade the island of Venice, Desdemona decides that she must go along with Othello, they leave for Cyprus that night.

Iago, Roderigo, Desdemona, and Emilia, who is Iago’s wife, arrive on a ship together, as their boat docks they spot the ship that Othello is on. While they are

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