Signs Essay

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     The movie “Signs” by M. Night Shyamalan is an excellent movie that explains how reflections and occurrences of the past can influence your overall perceptions and views of the future. It takes place in a small farm town where everyone knows each other very well. A single father is forced to continue raising his two young children due to the tragic death of his wife who was involved in a fatal car accident. This causes him to resign from his preaching career and become a stay at home farmer due possibly to his question of faith. Being a preacher, this man must have thought that nothing would have ever happened to him because of the way that he reacted to the stimuli. He was probably one preacher of only a few …show more content…
At this time he told the children about the moments of their birth and how special they were to him and their mother. The fathers visions influenced his new found willingness to let the children know how special they are to him. These seemed to be extremely deep feelings that were hard to let out because he had been shattered from the inside out and left alone.
     Next, the attribution theory is how we generate specific motives and causes to the behaviors of others. It helps interpret what people do and why they do it. Obviously, a major motive for the way the father acts is due to the unfortunate death of his wife. This was more than him or anyone else could swallow. The movie was supposedly taking place about six months after the death and it seemed as if nothing had healed or even begun to do so. He kept everything inside and intended to do so. This all changed when the world was under attack by creatures no one dreamed of encountering. This was obviously the second motive. This forced the father to think and realize what he was still blessed with despite what he was missing. The presence of the children was the only thing that was really keeping him together although you might not be able to tell. When the son told his father he hated him was a break down point due to all the stress and uncertainty of what may become of them. It hurt the kid very badly when the father

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