Sikh struggles in India and U.S. Essay

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Sikh struggles in India and U.S.

John from the Sikh religion kills Peter, a government official. David, another government official, kills Paul for being a Sikh. John is convicted but David is not. What about when an Indian comes to the U.S.? Indians have changed their cultural traditions so that their family can be accepted and their kids are not made fun of for being "different." These fictional names and situation has occurred to the Sikh religion. It has gone through political issues in India and cultural problems in the U.S.

Sikhism, a religion that originated in India, and especially in the state of Punjab which currently is 60% Sikhs and 36% Hindus. Two centuries have past and Sikhism has become the third major religion of
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Your forefathers are away in heaven. How can the water get there?’ When Baba Nanak said this, they exclaimed, ‘Brothers, this is no ordinary person. This is indeed a great one’" (Lopez 451).

Sikhs wear same symbolic garments. According to Teja Singh in Sikhism: Its Ideals and Institutions they include: A knicker that ensures efficiency when moving and also serves as an underwear when resting; an iron ring on the right arm symbolizing sternness and constraint; a sword to the side meaning offense and defense power and dignity; long hair symbolizing saintliness, and a comb to keep hair clean and tidy (34). A Sikh does not need to wear these forms to love God or to grow his soul, but they are adopted as a systematic form of identification among Sikhs. (Singh 34)

Throughout history, the Sikh religion has been a little of what described before, but it has encountered political problems in India. In the article, "A Decade After Massacre, Some Sikhs Find Justice," John F. Burns states that the assassination of ex-Prime Minister, Mrs. Gandhi, resulted in the killing of thousands of Sikhs (A4). Two Sikh bodyguards killed Mrs. Gandhi, in 1986, in response to the murder of hundreds of Sikhs that occurred as a result of a government crackdown of Mrs. Gandhi on insurgents at the principal Sikh temple in India (Burns,

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