Simon Bolivar's Jamacian Letter Essay

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Simon Bolivar, “Jamaican Letter”

Captivation or being restrained due to certain circumstances that prevents free choice is usually one of many great reasons to form revolutionary ideas. To get from captivation to liberation, one must consider change, a major component needed in order to gain freedom after enslavement. Latin America, in the eighteen hundreds, sought the need for change due to the resentment of the Spanish rule. Simon Bolivar, the revolutionary leader of Latin America, will seek independence from Spain. It was in Jamaica where Bolivar wrote a letter known as the “Jamaican Letter”, one of Bolivar’s greatest proposals. The letter emphasizes his thoughts and meanings of the revolution while envisioning a variety of
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The relationship between Spain’s colonies and Spain was indeed a benefit to Spain and a burden to the Spanish colonies. Bolivar viewed the Americans under the Spanish system as those with lower status than that of slaves. He felt, in relation to the letter, that they are “destined for labor, or at best they have no more status than that of mere consumers” (412). Their low position comes with annoying limitations, such as being prohibited to produce European crops, accumulate goods that are of noble control, or create factories not owned by Spain which adds trade benefits. Bolivar had an issue with this stating that while Spain is enjoying their gains, the Spanish Americans lot in life is to cultivate “the fields of indigo, grain, coffee, sugar cane, cacao and cotton; cattle raising on the broad plains; hunting wild game in the jungles; digging in the earth to mine its gold—but even these limitations could never satisfy the greed of Spain” (412). This concerned Bolivar while he resents the Spanish rule. Their ruling caused the Spanish Americans to feel unimportant and inferior with having to acknowledge the subjection of authority. They were never ones who govern their country, appoint someone to conduct official negotiations, handle financial matters or trade, which is all scandalous and inconsistent with their institutions. Having to accept being enslaved was indeed an issue that

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