Sleep, What Is It? Essay

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     When you lay down to bed at night, close your eyes, and loose conciseness, you

fall asleep. Sleep is an everyday event, every human, every animal does it on a routine

basis. There are many questions concerning sleep. This paper will try to answer three of

them. Why do we sleep, at what routine do we sleep, and what happens to us when we


There are several theories as to why we sleep. Some believe it’s a “time out” to

recuperate, remove wastes from muscles, repair cells or recover abilities lost during the

day. However wastes are removed without sleep with just a couple of minutes of rest.

People who don’t sleep for 48 hours don’t need 16 hours to “catch up” all they need is

one good
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So it does not seam that human sleep is dictated

by night or day but by our own personal cycles. There are exceptions however, like when

one feels tired in the morning, or awake when you go to bed, but generally we have our

own unique sleep cycles.

Physically when we sleep wastes are removed from our muscles, we digest food,

and damaged cells are repaired. Also our heart rate lowers, we breath slower and more

deeply, and our metabolism falls. Basically when we sleep, physically we slow down,

repair ourselves, and get ready for the next day.

Dreaming can be divided into two main blocks, daydreams and sleep dreams.

Daydreams occurs during wakefulness. Daydreams usually are about current problems or

challenges, especially emotional problems like relationships. Daydreams can be about

past events or to indulge in fantasies. But generally daydreams are clear and easy to

understand. Daydreams occur over a 90 minute cycle and usually when you’re alone.

Daydreaming is beneficial, it can provide entertainment when bored and exercise human

creativity. Sleep dreaming occurs during sleep. When most people dream they don’t have

any idea what is going on in the outside or conscious world. However there are some that

do know what’s going on consciously, called a Lucid Dream or a conscious and

subconscious dream. Dreams can be vivid or vague, they can scare or relax, and during

the dream it makes sense but when recalled the dream it doesn’t make

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