Essay on Smaller Government is the Solution to the Foreclosure Crisis

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States, 250,000 families enter into foreclosure every three months, translating into approximately 2 families every minute. These families are losing their homes due to a lack of money, which for most is not a new concept. These citizens took Bill Clinton’s words to heart when he stated that every American should have the opportunity to own a home. Now, many would not regard President Clinton as the smartest of folks, but nonetheless people went out of their way to get loans that they knew they could not pay for, and the banks were more or less forced to oblige. Penalties were forced upon lending companies who refused to succumb to these destructive ideals, and we as a country …show more content…
Many may consider relying on the words of a fictional character while attempting to solve America’s financial problems is a bit ridiculous, but isn’t it America itself that has immortalized Spiderman as their hero and role model? Why do we take these words and put them on a shelf, instead of using them and taking them to heart? We have failed to take our own advice, and it has now come back to bite us. We have abused our privileges as human beings and brought down our very own prosperity. We all knew the most recent Golden Age would not last forever, but it ended unnecessarily soon due to our childish spending habits. Instead of saving, and living within our means, we took things for granted. And now we have a huge problem that is in dire need of attention.
My first instinct would be to tell the people, “You got yourselves into this problem, now get yourselves out. There are many out there who are doing just fine, because they were responsible and mature with their money.” But then again, if they weren’t responsible then, why would they be now? We need to have an incentive for living within your means and not for the moment. People aren’t seeing the point in being mature, because they know that the Federal Government will eventually step in and save them, just as they attempted to do to the banks. Where has the American dream gone? Why are people so quick to drop their money on material

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